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Pandemics: Mountain Med is validated again.

As I sit in self imposed isolation and hear tales from my colleagues at the hospitals, beleaguered and overworked, I reflect a bit upon what may come. We're seeing it already in Italy, where demands have far outstripped resources, and the need for additional care providers is overwhelming.

It's our Disaster Hospital scenario in real life. Some day YOU may be required to care for a group of sick or injured patients because you have some training or skills or are the only option available. And your resources will be limited, or non-existent. My Haiti experience all over again.

How do you train for this? Prepare? If you've been to our November course, you already know this answer. And have some experience. When the call goes out... and every indicator suggests it might with this one... you will be ready. To make a difference. To save some lives. To understand how to make due with the limited resources. You are Mountain Medicine in action.

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