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Training in Wilderness First Aid

Mountain Medicine provides training and continuing education certification for all levels of individuals who are interested in expanding their skill sets to tackling problems in a "wilderness" environment. Our traditional course provides CEUs for EMTs and Paramedics through CECBEMS, and for nurses through our affiliation with the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. And now we are bringing those skills to lay personnel through our community-based First Aid and First Responder classes.

Why "wilderness" medicine or first aid rather than just first aid or first responder classes? Because the term wilderness is a paradigm for creative problem solving in a low resource environment. From our experience in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, we quickly learned that we had to utilize ALL of our wilderness skills to survive and provide care in that dangerous environment. Disaster Medicine was exactly Wilderness Medicine in a destroyed urban landscape. And things get much more interesting when you can't call 911, or help will be delayed indefinitely. To that end, our courses all strive to go beyond the quick fix into the realm of caring for someone for an extended period of time when you have to actually be that person who provides care.

We know that people have different needs and varying time constraints. We feel that some training is always better than none, as a skill you pick up just may save a life at some point. And with today's worldly environment, as some have said, the best way to combat terrorism is by taking a first aid class.

To that end, Mountain Medicine offers a variety of on-demand classes, which can be given at any site that you choose. We can do a single day, 8 hour basic skills class. We offer a two day Wilderness First Aid certification (16 hrs). We have been offering a weekly Advanced Wilderness First Aid program (30 hrs). Or we can tailor specific programs to whatever your needs be, if enough registrants are interested.

So contact us for details. We will advertise on our Facebook site (Mountain Medicine Education) when we have ongoing programs. But if you want to run a program for your group, gather your crew and contact us for more information.

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